10 tips for summer computer care

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10 tips to prevent overheating your computer

Our friends at Antec.com have a great article about keeping your computer cool in the hot summer months.  It only takes a minute to review if your computer is ready for the heat.  Here are the highlights;


1) Choose a naturally cool place in your house for computers.  Lower level, away from direct light and any heat sources.
2) Room to breathe.  Desk cubbies are nice to look at but make sure the computer has open air flow.  Consider pulling it out for the summer months.  Keep the vents clean and clear too.
3) Ventilate the computer room. Computers create heat so put a fan near the output to help blow away the hot air out toward a window or door.  Moving air around the room is nice for people but not much help for machines.
4) Consider air conditioning.

5) Light properly. Switch to low or no heat options

6) Turn the computer off when not in use. Maybe you can’t, but, if you can….

7) Clean your computer. dust traps heat!

8) Add or upgrade fans.  80mm fans are pretty affordable.

9) Make sure you have proper airflow. tempting as it may be to remove a side panel,  that disrupts the in the front-out the back flow.  Clear space is the key

10) Set your screensaver and power-saving settings properly. An active screen saver is still keeping power flowing.  Use your sleep option where possible.


Here is a link to the original article; http://www.antec.com/pdf/article/info_DIYArticle3.html.  If any of these tasks are out of your comfort zone let us know and we can help.

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