2015; first PGP tech roundup

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Welcome to the new year!  We have been continuing to curate news and content for you on our Facebook and G+ site weekly and here is a listing of what we have been talking about.

We started the year with a retrospective by Google with the top searches of 2014

Thanks for a wonderful fact filled 2014 Google!


Followed by a fun prediction tech list for 2015 and then a look at how theory lags practice for technology most of the time.


New this year is a theme for the month.  Some educational articles, some news, something to make you think.  We want PGP to be a source for community and education as well as taking care of any of your network, cloud, or IT needs.

January we focused on MALWARE; Malicious software.

The unciously named little bugger that just the name sounds insidious.  There were no shortage of articles and no doubt this isn’t the last we will talk about it in 2015…



Here is a good graphic and article about the types of malware;

chart by BullGuard Security Centre

A review of the top malware removing software for your personal computer.  Remember, if it gets hot, call us!


In the News.

Not a day goes by without something… here are a few that captured our attention

In the news early Jan the bug that google found; Microsoft claims is insignificant. Moral of the story; keep your updates updated

Malware is a sneaky thing, sometimes even in mainstream MMO League of Legends . Run your scans (or let us…)

Malware does not just spy on you, sometimes it has you ‘do’ things that might be harmful to your career if IT is watching (and IT is always watching)

malware is used by spies, real spies… 

Android phone users, please check your phone!

20 Jan 2015 at 23:28, Darren Pauli

Start the year off right and look and see if you are protected.  If your computer is your business…. how about you make that our business to make sure your are protected?

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