About PGP Computers

Founded by Paul Probach, a service-disabled veteran and computer professional having more than 20 years of industry experience in desktop, server and network support for residential, small to medium-sized business, non-profit organizations, educational and governmental agencies.

PGP Computers, Inc. brings this experience in providing services based on proven industry best practices. Our staff is professionally trained in Microsoft Windows Desktops and Servers, Cisco Systems, Networking, Firewall and IT Management. We’ve earned multiple levels of Microsoft certification and are an active member of the Microsoft Advisory Group. This all translates to a higher level of quality service experience for you.

In an effort to provide you, our loyal customers, with an increased level of capabilities and services, we have strategically partnered with a number of business professionals. The Strategic Partnership approach provides you with an economy-of-scale savings by ensuring that the most applicable skill set and qualified experience is applied to each step of your project. This reduces implementation time, improves efficiency, and in turn saves you money through reduced overhead and a more concentrated project effort.

And what does PGP stand for? The PGP in our name is an acronym for the company founders…Paul “P” and Gail “G” Probach “P”…did you see the cross?

Our Core Values

Many businesses have core values; we take pride in living our core values each day with our customers, partners, family and mainly, ourselves.  We strive to make our values evident in the way we conduct our business and in the way we deliver our products and services.

God Comes First… Without God, we can do nothing.  With Him, all things are possible.

Integrity… The advice and services provided are performed with complete honesty and are given with the sole intention of doing what is best for the customer.

Respect… All our customers are treated equally based on the “Golden Rule” – Treat others as you would want them to treat you.  This includes your equipment and your property.

Confidentiality… Your personal and business information is treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality, maintained in a secure environment, and only used with customer authorization.

Competency… The advice and services provided are the best quality advice and services we can possibly give, and we continually work to stay current with the latest technology and techniques that benefit our customer’s current and future needs.

Timeliness… We respect our customers and our employees and their time.  We strive to respond quickly to customer requests and issues, meet deadlines as promised, and be on time to appointments and meetings.

Family Before Work… Crisis on the home front with the family is always more important than work.

Work Should Be Fun… Life is short and a good portion of our lives are spent on the job.  Therefore our work environment must be interesting, enjoyable and satisfying.  Work can’t be taken so serious that it’s not enjoyed.