Data and Disaster recovery

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On our social media sites for the month of April we continued our 2015 pledge to bring together articles to educate on a topic a month.  Data and Disaster Recovery are topics near and dear to us and below is the collection of what we posted.

Data and Disaster Recovery

Always start at the beginning; what is the history of data backup? Do you remember floppy disks?

– Here is a 1 page summary of just how far we have come.

– Here is a general look at the topic of Data recovery

Data recovery and data security are big expensive things. Take a second and think about what losing your data might cost you?  Here is one of many possible calculators out there (please sit down before you read…)
Lifehacker published a clictastic list of links to all things data recovery, if you have some time, give it a read


Bottom line is that data is what your business is based on, you wouldn’t leave your office door unlocked – do as much for your data.  We are certainly here to help, we can evaluate, advise and assist and remember; an ounce of prevention.


During the month of April we also curated some other articles of technology interest that we are archiving here;


Our Friends at Microsoft

Hot tech April 2014 news  – good bye Explorer, hello ? (codename Spartan…) Guess we have to wait and see.


No month would be complete without checking in on Google

Checking in on the google car for your future minded entertainment ~
Some reasons why everyone wants to work for Google

and before you watch TV on Google provided internet give this article a thought…

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