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The seasons have changed over the past two months from a seemingly never ending winter to suddenly summer.  Over on Facebook and G+ we post an interesting article weekly and here is a roundup of Interesting Technology and Computer News for April and May;


We started April with a hot discussion of the virtues and pitfalls of Windows 8 and how some people still want Windows 7.  Cnet found a way to make it possible (ie not easy) and here is that article again.

Over at PGP Computers we can help you with Windows 7 or 8 and a variety of other tech tasks~


Next up was an internet sweeping article about cost savings through changing fonts, we even posted it here but in case you missed it, here it is.

and here is the rebuttal because nothing can be easy.   We like the thought that people are looking for ways to conserve resources, ask us about other ways we can help you decrease your overhead by outsourcing IT to us.


Keeping with the theme of cost reduction and conservation, earth day in late April inspired us to post the EPA’s article on how to responsibly take care of old computers.

Just a reminder, we can do that for you too.


Last week of April we went silly with an article on a  ‘treasure’ hunt for the lost Atari games.  I just had to follow up on this one and YES they did find them!  Read this follow up for some details but apparently they found quite a few other old games too, only took 20 years to make them cool.


Back to our bread and butter business; Data backup.  This is a must do for everyone; business or personal. We agree with the article;  Ask yourself – 1. What are you doing today? 2. How much downtime can you afford? 3. What is your budget?


Given we are all consumers of technology we posted a PSA on some things do not need to be saved for eternity in the cloud (no offence cloud). Here are some new tools to keep things temporary.


Mid May we revisited Windows 8 and posted an article on the features of 8.1 that as of April 2014 is available.  We can help you update your personal computer or your entire companies to 8.1 so you can enjoy all the new things.


Finally today we posted the 4th May article and it is out of our normal mold of personal computers, but, it might be the future of computersThe Google Car is self driving and on the test road!  It is a marvel of computer integration; sensors, mechanics, split second processing to make the best decision.  In some ways we already trust our lives to computers but this is taking it to the next step.

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