Is Luck your backup system?

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lucky computerAre you depending on lucky St Patrick to keep your business humming?

Back-up one step.  What does your business do?  Most businesses focus on a single product or service and spend most of their time and effort to become paramount in the industry.  Today every business, no matter what they contribute to the economy, has some dependence on a computer. Who in your company is spending their time on the logistics of computer and not on your true money-making business?

In the Twin Cities 2013 top places to work, published by Minnesota Business Magazine, there is a common theme for success; work life balance.  Technology is a tool used to make work easier. What would happen if that technology started creating more work?  The balance goes off.  Is luck all that is standing between you and an IT disaster?

Studying the top 100 business it is not unexpected to see a few managed IT companies on the list.  One reason why they are successful might be because they are offering a highly valuable service that every business needs; they take on the challenge of keeping other businesses focused on their core product, not managing their hard and software.  You want to focus on your business, not the technology behind it.

Managed IT has a broad definition and you might be surprised what falls under the umbrella.  Manufacturing, PR, Law, Distribution, or even a Technology Company could benefit from moving responsibility for some, or all, of your IT to a company purely focused on Information Technology Management.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if Managed IT would help you be prepared rather then lucky;

  • Have you ever thought that your current system seems to hinder business more than it helps?
  • Is your system truly reliable and secure?
  • You know how much money computer downtime costs you.
  • Do you have a way to insure your data is always backed up, period.
  • Is accurate inventory important to you?
  • Would you like to enable your employees to work remotely?
  • Have you hesitated expansion or growth because you don’t know if your technology can handle it?


If you are a small to midsize business in Central Minnesota and you want to turn technology into a power tool that can move your business forward instead of a problem that costs you time and money, then we can help!  Let your employees to do the jobs they were hired for, not waste their time on computer problems.  Managed IT Services from PGP Computers can help you achieve your goals because we will:

  • Take your specific business and budgetary needs into account ensuring you never end up paying for IT you don’t really need.
  • Keep an eye on your technology with computer support at all times so you don’t incur the high cost of network downtime and lost data due to security failures.
  • Stand our ground on every IT Consulting recommendation we make by offering you our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.



It takes skill, hard work, smart business sense, and yes; a little luck to win in today’s business world.  Be proactive; spend some time now to prevent a problem before you spend a lot of time later fixing one.

By Kate Luthner exclusively for PGP Computers

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