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Hot news this first week of October; Microsoft announces not just a new OS, but,  it is jumping straight to 10.  Integrating more, getting it right, and simplifying was just such a jump they felt it was +2 to 8!


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Back on 9/24, a nice confirmation of what we already knew, Forecasters are still showing the cloud, and, outsourcing services as a strong continuing trend. This is good news for us, but, also gives CIO’s more time for innovation when the more mundane is off their mind…

Check out our “why PGP” section and see “why” the cloud can work for you

Always updating the best methods, on 9/17 we posted some Office356 pro tips for the install/update ‘cycle’ including links in the article to more information on how-to.   It might be easier for us to handle that for you 😉


9/10 – The new iPhone was announced this week!.Exciting launch of a new generation of smart phone always brings us back to the pros and cons of BYOD (Bring your own Device). It is ranked high for employee productivity and satisfaction BUT without a good policy for security it is a big risk too. Here is the full study by CISCO and here are the Key Findings;Fullscreen capture 9102014 124415 PM.bmp



9/3 Keeping on top of Microsoft – from earlier this year they announced Office for iPad and 365 but the message we love to see is that Microsoft is completely backing cloud technology.



School starts next week so time to think about a fall spruce up for your laptop. Aside from checking in on your software, malaware and virus updates, spend a little time cleaning your laptop up

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A more technical (but not too technical) posts on  SaaS – Software as a service. Here is a great current article on the subject



Are you still sitting at your desk?  Mid Aug we recommended that you might try standing, not another fad diet but a great way to sneak in a bit of exercise into your day .


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When things are true they just keep getting talked about. Article today about managed data backup that feels like we wrote it.

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