Do You Think of Your Technology as Nothing But a Money Pit?

“All I want is technology and IT Support that doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg.”  Sound like something you may have said?

IT Support and IT Management from PGP Computers, Inc. is the solution you’ve been looking for, with flat-rate services that mean predictable budgeting for your business.

Managed IT Services from PGP Computers can help you achieve your goals because we will:

  • Take your specific business and budgetary needs into account ensuring you never end up paying for IT you don’t really need.
  • Keep an eye on your technology with computer support at all times so you don’t incur the high cost of network downtime and lost data due to security failures.
  • Stand our ground on every IT Consulting recommendation we make by offering you our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

PGP Computers, Inc. provides the technology you need to simplify your budget and get ahead of the competition.  Serving businesses in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Metropolitan Area and Central Minnesota, our flat rates include computer network maintenance and IT Management services when you need it, to guarantee your IT is always working for the same predictable cost.

No matter whether your company is in need of network management, computer network installation, IT management services, computer network maintenance services, network consulting and integration services, network and server support, computer server management service, wireless networking, on-site & remote support, or IT support consulting – we have a solution.

Our dedication to the highest level of customer service and support ensures you’ll never have to stress about technology again.  With our vigilant computer network maintenance solutions, your business has never been in better hands.