We leverage enterprise buying power through strategic and collaborative sourcing, adoption of proven technologies and supplier performance management.

Our critical success factors include:

  • Focus – We focus on Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Value – We pursue suppliers that deliver the best overall value (cost, quality & service).
  • Streamlined – We keep to a simplified, streamlined and automated process.
  • Satisfaction – We guarantee customer satisfaction.

Regular maintenance of electronic equipment is important to prolong the life of network infrastructure, servers, computers, printers and copiers, and thus delay the cost of disposal or recycling.

Some tips to help prolong the life of your infrastructure and equipment:

  • Computers should be moved as infrequently as possible.
  • Laptops should be treated with extra care, since laptops tend to have shorter lifespans with their frequent movement and potential for abuse.
  • Make sure there is enough ventilation for all electronic equipment.
  • A waste management policy should be implemented for your office’s information system to enhance the performance and life of your computers.
  • Develop a robust, friendly file management system with backup procedures, to help minimize the number of items that users feel must be printed or copied to multiple locations.

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