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In the month of May we used our social media sites to ‘share’ information, history, and forecast on Sharepoint. Just in case you are not following us (yet) or need to refer back to one of our curated articles, here is the collection of what we posted throughout the month.

What is Sharepoint?

A Brief History of Sharepoint brought to you by their developers.  Not exactly exciting reading but you can’t beat the source.

Why Sharepoint?

You do have options but here are 10 reasons supporting Sharepoint

Future of Sharepoint;

A look at what is to come with Sharepoint in regard to 365

And multiple advancements announced for Sharepoint in 2016

We also keep track of some tech news that we thought was too good to keep to ourselves

Hot news for April was Good for smartphone users; you are now more likely to get an mobile optimized site since Google added ‘mobile friendliness‘ to its search criteria cocktail. Business owners; time to optimize (we can help you with that!)

We always love a good Facebook v Google article and this one is on who has the better workplace.  Has Google been dethroned?

Speaking of Google, there is a good ap advancement coming soon; Designed for Families designation on apps from the Google Ap store.

Malware, always on our mind (and hopefully not on your computer).  Looks like Spam and Malware are getting together to make more trouble…




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