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There are so many interesting stories on technology, computers, cloud computing innovations that it is hard to just choose one a week to highlight on Facebook and G+.  Here is a summary of what we have posted in the last few weeks;

6/18 and 6/11 were vacation and summer themed articles that both merit a repost since August is the #1 vacation month.  Keep your computer safe and cool in summer. Don’t forget to leave an out of office note!

6/25 This article about workplace flexibility and the perception of value speaks to the tech worker of the world.  If your IT guys come in at 10am it is probably because they are still working at 10pm.

7/2 Starting July with a ‘bang’ and a fun list of crazy microsoft trivia.

7/9 Cloud Computing and how it is evolving!  The best thing about technology is that it keeps getting better and it is fun (if not exhausting!) to keep on top of the newest trend.  PGP can help you keep up to date – just give us a call.

network all the things…

7/16 Africa, using Cloud Technology, caught our attention with expansion plan.  This plan brings a higher level of technology to another corner of the world enabling people to do business, learn and communicate on-line.

7/23 A favorite topic of ours; PC Recycling, was the topic of conversation on CNet this week.  We can both take your old PC and responsibly recycle, or, help you with some of the other options mentioned.

7/30 we posted a link about how Google maps Street View is helping find gas leaks in the streets it is prowling.  It is great to see map and cloud technology helping to preserve the real life physical environment

As always, we are here to help you.  We can build your business, maintain your cloud, or just keep you informed of what is going on in the world.

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