Tech Roundup – Q4 2014

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We spend most of our time either helping customers in person, via the cloud, or on Social Media.  Weekly we try to highlight educational, interesting, and fun articles via Facebook and G+, this keeps us sharp and is a complimentary service to any and all who would like to follow us.


We also like to make this spot an archive for those articles.  Feel free to peruse October, November and December (so far)~


A Big trend this year is to get kids into code.  Even the President is doing it!  Here is what we highlighted the Hour of Code

image credit WWW.i-programmer

12/8  starts the #hourofcode Look for events all over the world.

Looks like our friends at Google are getting in the coding-holiday spirit with a Santa Tracker to help inspire young coders.
For the FROZEN programmers out there, here is one to inspire your kids.




 Everyone loves tech news and here are our picks for the quarter

Lost your keys/phone/wallet? There is an app for that, and, a device to tag those important things that looks like it will actually work. Something for your christmas list maybe….

During Thanksgiving week we were still on the job highlighting this cool new plugin (like an app for your computer). It is something to be “Thankful” for because while many of the things we browse for might be forgettable, sometimes you truly need to go back and find that exact page that had all the info…

Google, we have not talked about you recently, what do you have for us?

Everyone has data to back up, even providers of fine over 21 beverages. Pernod Ricard went from a decentralized to a centralized backup that offers remote, offsite and secure data storage.

DropBox – this might feel like a free way to use the cloud but buyer beware; Your data might not be safe there….

New from TechCrunch; Microsoft is branching out to container support. More proof the cloud is on their mind.



Social media isn’t just about news, its about answering some of the basic questions;

We are often asked “What is IaaS?” There isn’t a simple answer, but, our friends at IBM have a good explanation. What you should as is “Is this good for my company?”

In honor of Veterans day we posted a great link to ‘vets in tech‘. PGP is founded, owned and run by a Vet –

Are you Hip to HIPAA? IT security is twice as important when protecting personal health data so today a 2 for 1. Here is an article on some of the updates to HIPPA and the HITECH detailing how IT plays a role.


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