Virtualization and Microsoft Azure

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Cloud computing is one of the things we specialize in but we want you to also know what is going on in the world of Virtualization.  We often employ Microsoft Azure and for the month of February we featured a variety of articles on the topic on our social media platforms; Facebook and G+

Below is a compilation of these articles, over time technology will surely change but most are a good roundup of the basic information.


What is Microsoft Azure

First lets start with the link to the Microsoft home page.  Right from the horses mouth

Next here is a comparison to other leading platforms just so you can compare apples and apples.

AWS V Azure


Can forget to mention that Google and Microsoft are BOTH players in the Virtualization world. Here is a little ‘debate’ between the two

and on the day I compiled this roundup, another very in depth review of Azure by By r of InfoWorld

Here is a bit of Azure history and headlines as of 2015;

Fresh tech news story from early 2015 about Azure partnership with Chief to continue the evolution of Azure.

Given the tech news cycle, this article from March 2014 is definitely ‘old news’ but good history of the name change from “Windows Azure” to “Microsoft Azure“.

A little tech reading , Microsoft is a busy bee with more improvements and changes to make things easier with Azure.

Microsoft Azure announced some improvements in February 2015. Got BIG data? They have a solution


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